FAQ Friday, NFPA 80 - How do I submit a change to the standard?

Blog Post created by kristinbigda Employee on Apr 5, 2013

This is great timing for this question!  The 2016 edition of NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, along with its partner, NFPA 105, Standard for the Installation of Smoke Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives, are now open for public input.  Anyone wishing to propose a change to either NFPA 80 or NFPA 105 (NFPA's Technical Committee on Fire Doors and Windows is responsible for both standards) may do so online by visiting the "Next Edition" tab of the Document Information Pages of either document:

All public input must be received by July 8, 2013 to be considered in the development of the 2016 editions. 

In addition, the 2016 editions of NFPA 80 and NFPA 105 will operate under NFPA's new codes and standards development process.  NFPA has launched a comprehensive set of revisions to  its current Regulations Governing Committee Projects.  These new regulations,  which include changes to some familiar terms and adds some new terms,  will be in effect for standards reporting in the Fall 2013 Revision  Cycle and all subsequent revision cycles. NFPA's intent is to take  advantage of web-based technology and to make its standards development  process more convenient, efficient, and easy for participants to use.

Participation in the codes and standards development process is highly encouraged.  If you see parts of the documents that should be changed, or see something missing from them, I highly recommend submitting your change to be reviewed by the Technical Committee.  These proposed changes are what make our documents better each cycle!