NFPA seeking expertise in the Textile and Garment Care Processes Industry

Blog Post created by debbiebaio Employee on Apr 11, 2013

3211NFPA 32, Standard for Drycleaning Plants, prescribes safeguards intended to prevent fires and explosions involving drycleaning processes and to minimize the personal injury and property damage consequences of such incidents. The NFPA Technical Committee on Textile and Garment Care Processes is considering a full rewrite of the existing NFPA 32 in order to bring the standard up to date with current industry practices and to make the document more user friendly. Revisions will reflect current technology and may include provisions for ensuring the integrity of the solvents and materials used in the drycleaning process. Other modifications being considered include an enhanced chapter on work practices.

NFPA is seeking public input on the next revision of NFPA 32 and is also seeking new committee members. To view the current edition of NFPA 32 online, go to the document’s information page at  You will be asked to sign-in or create a free online account before viewing the document.  Once on the page, the Next edition tab contains the link to submit public input. If you feel there are revisions or clarifications that should be made to the document, go directly to the section of the document, make the suggested changes, and provide a reason for this recommended change. NFPA is accepting public input until the January 3, 2014 deadline for the next revision of this document. The Technical Committee will then consider all public input received at their First Draft meeting.

If  interested in applying to the Technical Committee, go to the Technical Committee tab to submit a committee application online. Also, you may request to join a task group or attend a committee meeting. If you are interested in joining a task group, participating in a meeting, or have any other questions on the upcoming revision of NFPA 32, please contact Nancy Pearce at: