FAQ Friday, NFPA 80 - What types of records are required for fire door inspections?

Blog Post created by kristinbigda Employee on Apr 12, 2013

Records of inspections and other maitnenace work tell the story of a fire door.  Just as important as conducting the inspections on any equipment is maintaining the proper records to document the details of the inspection itself.  Without proper doucmentation and maintenance of that documentation, valuable safety information about the fire door could be lost.

Requirements and details for retaining records of fire door inspections were added to the 2013 edition of NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives.  Documenting the annual inspection of fire doors has been a requirement since 2007 when the annual inspection provision was introduced to the standard.  However, not much guidance was offered on the types of documentation that was acceptable or how long it should be retained in the building.

The new language for 2013 addresses retention time, the record medium that is accepted (paper or elecrtonic records are permitted) as well as the information that should be collected in the documentation.  Records of all inspections, testing, and repairs and maintenance issues should be documented. At a minimum, the following information should be provided in the inspection record:

(1) Date of inspection

(2) Name of facility

(3) Address of facility

(4) Name of person(s) performing inspections and testing

(5) Company name and address of inspecting company

(6) Signature of inspector of record

(7) Individual record of each inspected and tested fire door assembly

(8) Opening identifier and location of each inspected and tested fire door assembly

(9) Type and description of each inspected and tested fire door assembly

(10)*Verification of visual inspection and functional operation

(11) Listing of deficiencies in accordance with 5.2.3, Section 5.3, and Section 5.4