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Tom Lia
Tom Lia, executive director of the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board, has been named the recipient of the Fire Sprinkler Initiative’s first Home Fire Sprinkler Champion Award. The award, which was given at the Bringing Safety Home Sprinkler Summit on Monday, April 15, commends Lia for his dedication to increasing the presence of sprinklers in residences.

“Tom is a terrific example of what this effort is – passionate, driven individuals working all across the country to save lives and property from fire with the proven, effective technology of fire sprinklers,” said NFPA President Jim Shannon. “As a result of his leadership, hard work and dedication, more than 80 communities in Illinois have adopted NFPA 13D single-family home fire sprinkler ordinances.”

Lia has participated in more than 325 side-by-side fire sprinkler demonstrations. His model served as the basis for the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition’s Fire and Sprinkler Burn Demonstration kit. As a result of Lia’s commitment to the fire sprinkler cause, thousands of fire departments around the country have implemented this tool in their own communities.

Read more about Tom and this award in the full press release. Congratulations Tom! 

Sparky FacebookEach week, we have fun with fire safety trivia on Sparky the Fire Dog's Facebook page. We ask a trivia question early in the morning, take guesses all day long, and then post the correct answer by the end of the day - every Tuesday. 

Here's how you can participate! Head over to Sparky's Facebook page and leave your guess to the following trivia question. Then be sure to check back later today to find out if you were right! (Hint: all of the correct answers can be found on our website as well!) Have fun and good luck!

At its March 2013 meeting, the NFPA Standards Council considered and reviewed a request that NFPA establish a new standard for the application of hybrid, gas, and fine water droplet systems.

After review of all the material before it, the Council voted to publish a notice to solicit public comment on the need for the project, information on resources on the subject matter, those interested in participating if established or have experience in the intended application of this technology, and as such, would be affected by the development of an installation standard.  The Council is specifically looking for manufacturers that are actively developing hybrid droplet systems and whether there are enough common installation practices and procedures available to support a standard, and the intended application for this technology.  The Council is also seeking input on whether the subject matter could be covered by an existing technical committee or possibly through the creation of a new document.  Read Standards Council agenda item 13-3-20 for additional background.

Anyone wishing to submit a comment on this proposed new standard, please forward to the NFPA Secretary of the Standards Council by the May 30, 2013 deadline.

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