NFPA Journal: The 2014 edition of NFPA 25 features an assortment of major changes

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on May 20, 2013


Water-based fire protection systems may have an excellent performance record, but regular wear and tear can decrease the reliability of these systems. Provisions addressing this concern are found within NFPA 25,  +Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. +The 2014 edition of the standard effectively expands on these ITM measures, says Matt Klaus, NFPA's senior fire protection engineer, in the latest issue of +NFPA Journal.+


For instance, the new edition includes ITM provisions for pump-related inspections; fuel supply testing for diesel-driven fire pumps; and an expansion of the standard's scope to include water-mist systems. For Klaus' overview on these and other changes to NFPA 25, read his feature story in the May/June issue of +Journal, +and watch the following video: