The fire service does more than fight fires

Blog Post created by nancyschwartz Employee on May 23, 2013
EMS week is a good time to recognize that almost half (45%) of fire departments in the United States provide EMS service and that two-thirds of fire department responses were medical aid calls.

As reported in NFPA’s Fire Loss in the U.S. during 2011, fire departments responded to 19,803,000 medical aid calls involving emergency medical services (EMS), medical assistance, and non-fire rescue these incidents accounted for 66% of fire department responses in 2011, up from 47% in 1980.

The U.S. Fire Department Profile report shows that in 2009-2011, the majority of U.S. fire departments provided at least some EMS services. Forty-four percent of the departments provided EMS only and 15% provided advanced life support (ALS) in addition. The percentage of departments providing any EMS, and more specifically both EMS and ALS, increased with the size of the population protected.