Work in Progress: America Burning at 40 – Getting the different perspectives

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This is the fifth in a series of posts about the 40th

anniversary of +America Burning++ and the related article, +“+Work in Progress” in this month’s +NFPA Journal+. +The members of the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control came from the fire service, federal government, code and standards development organizations (including NFPA’s Percy Bugbee), insurers, and more.


The deliberately diverse perspectives and the hard work involved in gathering and consolidating the information and turning it into recommendations that the Commissioners could support bear some resemblance to NFPA’s codes and standards process. Just as NFPA’s technical committees have staff liaisons that provide vital assistance, the Commission had professional staff members. Ed Budnick, winner of NFPA’s 2012 Standards Medal and now retired from Hughes Associates, Inc., was a young fire protection engineer, detailed from the General Services Administration to work with a subcommittee on the built environment. One point stayed with him throughout his career. “The fire protection community is a very diverse community and all the elements of it need to be considered if you are going to make any real progress in any area.” Watch the video to learn more about Ed’s experience with the Commission.