Dan Doofus urges people not to use consumer fireworks in PSA

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Jul 2, 2013

Can you see the Fourth of July up ahead? Grilling (safely), getting some sun, hanging out with family under a parade of brightly-colored sparks; it’s a great day, and fireworks shows are always a great end to it. Make sure that the shows are professional displays, though. It’s too easy to cause harm to yourself or others with consumer fireworks.

Independence Day is always peppered with fires started with fireworks, and more fires occur on it than on any other day of the year. One recent instance of fireworks-related disaster occurred last year in Pellham, NH. Patrick and Marci Foy, and their young daughter, Olivia, were attending a family celebration on July 3, 2012. More than dozen people were hurt when a consumer fireworks show went wrong. In the clip below, they share their recollections of the experience and its continued impact on their lives. 


Remember, even treating consumer fireworks with caution is no guarantee that others will do the same, or that unforeseen issues won’t occur. The best precaution for this Fourth of July is to go to a professional show, or even a few of them, and enjoy the display and the holiday!

For more information, visit the Alliance to Stop Consumer Fireworksor