Report and update from the Health Care Section Chair

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Hello…I am Dave Hood.  As the Chair of the NFPA Health Care Section, it is my pleasure to share some Member Sectionrelated information with you.                 


First, the Health Care Section sponsored 9.5 hours of education sessions at the 2013 NFPA Conference & Expo through nine unique sessions.  Special thanks to those who served as speakers.  Believe it or not, the planning process for the 2014 NFPA Conference & Expo has already commenced.  The Section is currently accepting education session poroposals for the 2014 NFPA Conference & Expo next June in Las Vegas.  Proposals are due by September 16th.  If you are interested or have feedback, please drop me an email at


At the 2013 Health Care Section Business Meeting, the Section membership voted in two (2) new members to the Section Executive Board.  Congratulations to Phillip Hill and James Peterkin. 

Over the next few months, the Section will be paying close attention to the 2015 editions of NFPA 101 and NFPA 99.  Both Codes will be up for membership vote at next summer’s Conference & Expo.  The Section will look to provide some education on the updated editions of both Codes in the future. 


Stay Involved

Attend the Section business meeting held during the NFPA Conference & Expo each year to get to know the issues that are facing our membership and network with the Board and other members.

Submit session proposals during the “call for presentations” issued each summer to build the content for NFPA’s annual Conference and Expo.

    1. Send your resume in to the Section Nominating Committee Chair or Executive Board Chair for consideration for any upcoming open Board positions or special task force/section committee assignments.

Write a Section Spotlight article for the NFPA Journal and submit your article or interest to Courtney O’Neill , Program Coordinator of Sections.  Please include your name, Section affiliation, and NFPA Member number. You must be a Member of an NFPA Section to participate. Have not yet enrolled in an NFPA Section? You can sign up online. Section Membership is free and included in your NFPA membership.</li> </ul>