NFPA Journal discusses research on the hazards of lithium-ion batteries

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jul 29, 2013

BADC0C274B714FDBB958A866E8E0E65A.ashxLithium-ion batteries have become an integral part of portable power supply systems, according to Casey Grant in his column "Double-Edged" in the July/August issue of NFPA Journal. With these batteries, however, comes a growing awareness of the possible hazards they present, including fire. To address these hazards, the Fire Protection Research Foundation recently conducted two research studies that sought to clarify the comparative flammability characterization of common lithium-ion batteries with other standard commodities in storage. Read Casey's column to find out how this research is providing direction on approaches to take when designing built-in fire protection systems for warehouses and similar bulk-handling activities.