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Last call! The Call for Presentations for NFPA's 2014 NFPA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas is now open, but our deadline is Monday, September 16. It's easy to submit your ideas online.

This short video highlights the perks that speakers receive by participating in the Conference program. The Conference & Expo will be held June 9-12, 2014 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.


Infographic 619
Fire is a natural part of our environment. As we choose to live in areas where wildfires occur, we must adapt the way we design, build and live within these areas to prepare our communities for wildfire. A fire adapted community understands its risks and takes actions that minimize harm to residents, homes, businesses, parks, and other community assets. This Infographic is an excellent visual tool to learn what it takes to make your community fire adapted. Know your role, know your region, protect what matters, and find out more with this Fire Adapted Communities® Infographic.

  • Download the infographic.
  • Request a printed version of the Infographic (10 per order).

- by NFPA's Aron Anderson


The NFPA technical committee responsible for NFPA 408, Standard for Aircraft Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers , is seeking public input on the next edition of the


This standard specifies requirements for the type, capacity,
rating, number, location, installation, and maintenance of aircraft hand
portable fire extinguishers for the use of flight crew members or other
occupants of an aircraft, as well as requirements for training flight crew
members in the use of these extinguishers.

With NFPA's newly revamped standards development process, it
is easy to get involved in all of the steps of the revision process of our
standards. Not only is our new process easy to get involved but it is also as
transparent as it could possibly be and easy to follow all of the steps of the
revision process.

[We want to hear your comments on NFPA 408. |]. You will have to log in, if you have an account, or create an
account. *You have until November 15, 2013 to submit public input on this


Should you have any questions or

need any assistance please don&#39;t hesitate to contact Andrew Holter .</span></p>

- by NFPA&#39;s Ken Holland

Detroit Fire Department kicked-off the 2012 FPW Domino's program

NFPA teams up with organizations and fire departments across the country regularly to expand the reach of fire safety information, but the biggest push by far happens each October around Fire Prevention Week. FPW, as it is referred to by many, is a time when the fire service and communities rally around fire prevention and safety. NFPA has been involved in this effort for more than 90 years as the week’s official sponsor.  FPW will take place October 6-12 this year and NFPA is once again working with a variety of groups to help spread important fire safety information.   

Marking its sixth year of collaboration on what has been a very successful Fire Prevention Week public awareness program, NFPA and Domino’s are teaming up with fire departments to deliver fire safety to Domino’s customers… with pizza!  During Fire Prevention Week and throughout the month of October, in addition to fire safety tips being delivered on the top of pizza boxes, participating Domino's stores will partner with their local fire departments to reward customers who have working smoke alarms. The fire department will deliver select orders from the store aboard a fire truck and check smoke alarms at the home. If the smoke alarms are working, the pizza is free! 

The Home Depot encourages learning in their communities by hosting Saturday workshops year round, and in October they include a focus on fire safety. In collaboration with Kidde, local fire departments, and others, stores host community events that feature information and activities geared toward fire safety.  Last year, NFPA teamed up with The Home Depot and Kidde on Fire Prevention Week events and as part of a larger program, The Home Depot ran a sales contest for store associates where the reward to top selling stores was the ability to donate smoke alarms to their local fire department. 

If you are a member of a fire department and are interested in learning more about how to participate in one of these fire safety initiatives or others in your community, please email today.     

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