NFPA technical committee for standard on aircraft hand portable fire extinguishers seeks public input

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The NFPA technical committee responsible for NFPA 408, Standard for Aircraft Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers , is seeking public input on the next edition of the


This standard specifies requirements for the type, capacity,
rating, number, location, installation, and maintenance of aircraft hand
portable fire extinguishers for the use of flight crew members or other
occupants of an aircraft, as well as requirements for training flight crew
members in the use of these extinguishers.

With NFPA's newly revamped standards development process, it
is easy to get involved in all of the steps of the revision process of our
standards. Not only is our new process easy to get involved but it is also as
transparent as it could possibly be and easy to follow all of the steps of the
revision process.

[We want to hear your comments on NFPA 408. | http://www.nfpa.org/408]. You will have to log in, if you have an account, or create an
account. *You have until November 15, 2013 to submit public input on this


Should you have any questions or

need any assistance please don&#39;t hesitate to contact Andrew Holter .</span></p>

- by NFPA&#39;s Ken Holland