National Geographic highlights NFPA's role in fire investigations

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Sep 10, 2013

Fire investigatorsOnce the damage is done, their job can begin.

A fire investigator is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes who sniffs for clues at a fire scene and, with the help of science, determines the probable cause. In the "Daily News" section of its site, National Geographic recently questioned investigators about their duties and NFPA's role in this field. 

For instance, Richard Meier, a fire investigator in Florida and staff member with the National Association of Fire Investigators, highlighted the industry's use of NFPA 921, Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations. The 2014 edition of the guide is slated for a January release. 

Among the number of updates to the guide, "there will be a new chapter on fire protection systems which will discuss the different systems used in buildings, such as fire alarm systems and fire sprinkler systems, and how they can be evaluated by the fire investigator following a fire," says Orlando Hernandez, NFPA's staff liaison for NFPA 921.

Read the rest of the National Geographic story, and review the list of NFPA's own investigation reports on specific incidents.