NFPA's statistical reports are easier to navigate

Blog Post created by nancyschwartz Employee on Sep 10, 2013

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NFPA’s Fire Analysis and Research division publishes reports on causes and circumstances of fires that were reported to local fire departments.  To make it easier to find that one piece of information you need, follow the bookmarks to specific sections or links to specific tables or figures.   Why not give it a try with our recently release report on office structure fires. 

TIP:   Hit the “alt key” and the "back arrow key" at the same time to get back to your starting point.


If you’re just looking for major findings, check out our printable fact sheets with highlights from the reports. Feel free to quote directly from these pages or use them as hand-outs.  We just ask you that you reference NFPA as the source.

We’d like to hear what you use these reports for and what other issues we should consider exploring. Please let us know.