NFPA Journal columnist meets with Russian officials to discuss wildfire issues

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Sep 11, 2013

Russian wildfireRussia, like the U.S., is susceptible to a range of wildfire threats. And where there are threats, there will always be solutions to lessen these catastrophic risks. 

Underscoring these solutions was NFPA Journal columnist Molly Mowery, who recently attended the International Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference in Russia. As Mowery highlights in the September/October issue of Journal, the trip was an attempt to engage in international outreach on the wildfire front. Alongside an international programs specialist for the U.S. Forest Service, Mowery met with state government officials, firefighting agencies, and nongovernmental organizations to promote community-based fire management in Russia. 

"Drawing on our experiences with Canadian and South African colleagues, we highlighted the areas in Russia that have shown great interest or potential in adopting a Firewise Communities model," says Mowery. "Although the context is very different, the concept of engaging residents in helping reduce wildfire risk is one that can be embraced universally."

Read the rest in the latest issue of Journal.