Take our Survey about Fire Service PPE Care & Maintenance

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Sep 13, 2013

(A research project sponsored by the FPRF, NFPA’s research affiliate)

SurveyHelp us help today’s fire service!  Unwanted fires are volatile and increasingly dangerous, and personal protective equipment (PPE) used by fire fighters is critical for their safety.  But when is gear dirty and when is it contaminated? 

Replacing firefighter gear too infrequently may influence contamination risks such as presumptive cancer, and replacing it too frequently incurs significant expense.  We need your help by collecting critical background information to guide standards revisions and to support future research needed to fully clarify and resolve this issue.   This on-line survey is part of a research project by the Fire Protection Research Foundation and involves approximately 30 brief questions and takes about 5 minutes.  Go to www.nfpa.org/PPECareSurvey and help us help the fire service address this issue. 

The results of this study will help emergency responders avoid adverse exposure from dirty gear and clarify gear replacement policies. A final summary report is scheduled for completion in December 2013 and will be available through the Foundation’s website.

We appreciate you taking the time to send us your department’s information on this important subject.