Getting the right people at the table to discuss mass-casualty events and related codes

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Sep 17, 2013

The new issue of NFPA Journal looks at the fire service role in preparing for and responding to mass-casualty shootings. The article, by Russ Sanders and Ben Klaene, talks about a recent meeting in Virginia that brought together fire service, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and government agencies to discuss a unified approach to these events. Some of the issues discussed:

  • raising awareness of the differences in response protocols
  • integrating planning and training efforts
  • practical exercises across disciplines
  • using the National Incident Management System/Incident Command System (NIMS/ICS) as the platform for all state and local incident response efforts
  • increasing communication interoperability to ensure an integrated response
  • understanding the value of aggressively responding to active shooter incidents
  • making sure all first responders have the best equipment available

Robert Solomon, who heads up NFPA's Building Fire Protection division, talks about an NFPA effort to be most inclusive when developing codes and standards that deal with mass casualty events, like the shootings in Washington, DC, on September 16, and recent school shootings.


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