NFPA's Shannon tells NFPA Journal why NFPA has filed copyright infringement suit against Public Resource

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Sep 18, 2013

Shannon(2)In August, NFPA, ASTM International, and ASHRAE  filed a lawsuit in federal court to stop  Public.Resource.Org from infringing on our copyrights and  trademarks, says NFPA President Jim Shannon in "Protecting the Process" in the latest issue of NFPA Journal. Public Resource has been copying and uploading our  copyrighted standards without permission, making them available  without restriction on the Internet.

For the last century, many of the standards developed  to protect the public have come from non-profit organizations such as NFPA,  ASTM, and ASHRAE, which depend on revenues from their sale to cover the cost of developing those standards. By disregarding copyrights on standards, Public Resource threatens  not just the long-term solvency of these organizations  but an entire system designed to protect public health and safety.

We are  not eager to spend our resources on litigation, says Shannon, but  we must protect a process that  has been a driving force for safety for over a century. We will take whatever steps are necessary to make sure NFPA can continue  to do its good work, not just over the next few years, but through the  next century.