Teaching fire-based courses to the "Net" generation

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Guest post by:  Scott Pugsley SET, FPT, FSTE Section Board Member, NFPA

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Scott Pugsley, FSTE Section Board Member, NFPA


Over the summer the NFPA Fire Science and Technology Educators (FSTE) Member Section held meetings in Chicago in conjunction with the NFPA Conference & Expo.  Throughout this meeting several important topics were discussed along with the planning for our Sections continued growth.  Having been involved with many different fire/life safety-related groups and associations over time, membership feedback and development often comes to the forefront.  It is for this reason that I am glad to be able to volunteer within the Executive Board to assist in addressing ways that we can create more value for our FSTE members.  Part of this effort is to focus our resources and share our collective experiences within the theater of higher learning.

During a recent faculty welcome back session at my College, Seneca College , our discussions included sharing some best practices and success stories for teaching within the "Net" generation; or what I call more frequently, the "google-based" generation. 

Several good articles existed regarding the subject overall.  Subject matter continues to be primary and should not be restricted to a 140- character limit to suit Twitter.  I would be interested in discussing how many of us handle Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) within a fire-based program/course.

Our FSTE Section blog on this topic may just be one simple example of how to integrate and share teaching material and educational methods.


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