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NFPA's own Ken Willette, division manager of public fire protection, appeared on the Today Show this morning with Willie Geist and Natalie Morales to discuss Fire Prevention Week. Together they discuss many fire safety issues, including cooking fires, fire extinguishers, and car fires. Watch the full clip below!

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Watch this video on the Today Show website. 

"I burn things for a living," says Dan Madrzykowski in a recent article for The Washington Post website. The statement is quite the understatement, since Madrzykowski, leader of the Firefighting Technology Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), has an array of responsibilities, many of which are relevant to NFPA's mission. (He also sits on NFPA's Fire Investigations Committee and Fire Service Training Committee.)

Earlier this month, Madrzykowski was honored as one of the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal recipients for his extensive analysis on fire behavior that aims to improve everything from fire suppression tactics to firefighter gear. “His science-based recommendations are critical for the fire service,  where many firefighters do not have an understanding of fire dynamics,” Anthony Hamins, chief of NIST’s Fire Research Division, tells The Washington Post. “He is  leading a transformational change in fire service thinking.”

Check out a recent article in NFPA Journal describing Madrzykowski's involvement in cooking fire prevention, and this video featuring him:

2013 Service to America Medals from Partnership for Public Service on Vimeo.

Each week, nec connect, NFPA’s online resource for all things related to the National Electrical Code® (NEC®), offers a question and answer about the Code, electrical safety, wiring, guidelines, and equipment, and other timely topics. Here is this week's question: 

Question: Are there some significant differences between the NEC® and 2015 NFPA 79 (Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery) requirements?

Answer: Yes. To highlight the differences and peculiar conditions involved with machine tools that warrant exception to certain specific NEC requirements, was revised to address the use of control cabinets on machines as opposed to them seldom being used in NEC applications and reads:
The width of the working space in front of control cabinets and compartments shall be the width of the opening of the control cabinet, or 762 mm (30 in), whichever is greater. Where control equipment or devices are mounted on or through the fixed area around the opening into the control cabinet or compartment, the width of the working space in front of the control cabinet or compartment shall include the width of the fixed area containing the control equipment and devices.

Further, 11.5 had language added to address what rules apply, those of the NEC or NFPA 79 when Industrial Machines are involved.

Working Space for cabinets and compartments that contain supply conductors to Industrial Machinery, that are covered by NEC Article 670 shall be in accordance with the NEC.

This change correlates the NFPA 79 requirements with the Informational Note to 670.1 in the NEC. The terms cabinets and compartments are used to be consistent with the terminology within the document. An (*) was added to point to the newly added Annex A material. This addresses the directive of the Correlating Committee note 1 to reconsider the actions on Public Input 94. The Annex material provides drawings that clearly show where the scope of each document applies.

Additionally, several exceptions already exist in 11.5 to address the specific working space conditions of industrial machinery.

Join the nec connect community today. It’s your one-stop shop for residential and industrial electrical safety, whether you are an installer, designer, inspector or policy maker. Join fellow contractors and engineers, and sample the latest video content, articles and more from industry experts. It’s free and takes just a minute to register.

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