Second in series of Fire Prevention Week contests now open - win an Apple® iPad mini®

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Oct 22, 2013

In honor or [Fire Prevention Week |] this year, NFPA is hosting a series of four contests, one per month, through December. The second in that series, October's contest, is now open and will be accepting entries though October 26th at midnight. At the end of each month's contest, one lucky randomly selected winner from all those who participated, will be chosen to win an Apple® iPad mini®. Congratulations to September's winner, Tamara Matthews of Chicago, IL!

For your chance to win October's iPad Mini, we're asking that you view a new FPW music video - found at [ |]. Then, answer the [short quiz |] we've developed underscoring the key takeaways of the video before midnight on October 26th.

Good luck to everyone! Also, be sure to check back in November for the third contest in our series. 

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