The NEC Challenge makes its final 2013 stop at NECA

Blog Post created by bethkelley Employee on Oct 22, 2013

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This year, electrical experts and professionals across the country were able to put their knowledge and experience to the test with the launch of the NEC Challenge. This week, the Challenge made its final stop of the year in Washington D.C. at the NECA Conference and Trade Show where attendees learned what it takes to compete in the NEC Challenge.

More than 200 participants at the trade show, as well as all those following along with @NFPA on Twitter, had the chance to show off their code expertise to win an iPad, a copy of the 2014 NEC and the pride of rising to the NEC Challenge.

Although it only takes one correct answer to earn an entry into the drawing for an iPad and a copy of the 2014 NEC, NECA attendees soon learned that code mastery pays off when competing to win the Leaderboard by answering the most code questions in a row.

The NECA NEC Challenge Leaderboard winner was a familiar face. Joe Brinley, a JATC School Coordinator from Virginia, took home the prize with 14 correct answers. Joe first played the NEC Challenge at NTI in Ann Arbor. But it was at NECA that Joe was able to rise above the rest as he battled back to win the NEC Challenge Leaderboard and cement his name in archives of code knowledge supremacy. 

Through an incredible turn of events, the leaderboard’s third place finisher Bill Bartnik of Vestal, N.Y. won the drawing of nearly 200 entries. Bill’s weekend was an emotional rollercoaster after seeing his day and a half stint in the top spot on the Leaderboard overrun by Joe late on the second day of the three day show. Unable to top an impressive 14 straight answers, Bill had all but given up on taking home a prize. But, Bill’s three entries in the drawing that he earned by returning each day to take on the Challenge paid off when his name was drawn for the second iPad and copy of the 2014 NEC at the conclusion of the trade show.

If you want your chance to take on the NEC Challenge, keep your eyes peeled for more ways to play! Follow @NFPA on Twitter for your upcoming information on when and where you can play the NEC Challenge, and stay tuned to and for details on the first-ever NEC Challenge Championship, coming soon…

Thank you to all the participants and @NECAConvention for a great show! And, congratulations to our winners Bill Bartnik and Joseph Brinley!