The Next Five Years in Fire and Electrical Safety; session on the Changing Nature of Building Contents

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Oct 22, 2013

The Foundation's symposium on the next five years in fire and electrical safety will explore major societal trends likely to affect fire safety and shape our protection strategies.  

Our session on the changing nature of building contents will feature Jan Lagerblad, the Director of Risk Management for IKEA, a global leader in home furnishings.  The Panel:

Dr. Fred Mowrer, Director of Fire Protection Engineering Programs at CalPoly, will discuss the changing fire hazard presented by furnishings

Peter Holland, Chief Fire and Rescue Advisor for the UK Government will reflect on the global implications of changing building contents for emergency response.

Dr. Tom Hales, Senior Epidemiologist, NIOSH, will explore the health and safety implications of these changes for the fire service.

And Dr. Louis Gritzo, Vice President, Research for FM Global Corporation, will describe the impact for the global property insurance industry.

Join us for the conversation on November 13, 14 in Washington, DC. Registration is limited - register now to ensure a place at the table.