Nightclub owner acquitted in deadly Santika fire

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Police cordon off the Santika Pub on January 1, 2009. The event helped prompt the government of Thailand to consider adopting new and stricter fire codes for nightclubs and other occupancies. (Photo: AP/Wide World)

The Associated Press reports that an appeals court this week cleared a nightclub owner of any responsibility for a deadly fire during a New Year's Eve celebration. Indoor pyrotechnics were to blame for the blaze at the Santika Pub in Bangkok that killed more than 60 people in 2009.

A lower court found owner Wisuk Sejsawat and executives from a lighting effects company guilty in 2011 of causing the deaths of people without intent, reports AP. All parties were sentenced to three years in prison, and the executives were also responsible for paying $279,000 in compensation to the victims' families.

The Appeals Court, however, overturned Sejsawat's conviction this week. While the judges said he could have been responsible for a lack of exit signs, emergency lighting, and prominently displayed floor plans, he did not directly cause the fire, states the story.


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