First NFPA standard translated into Polish

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(L-R) Piotr Tofilo, president of SFPE's Poland Chapter presented the Polish version of NFPA 92 to Don Bliss, NFPA vice president of Field Operations 


Piotr Tofilo, president of the Poland Chapter of the

Society of Fire Protection Engineers visited NFPA Headquarters in Quincy

(Mass.) to personally present the newly published Polish version of NFPA 92, Standard for Smoke Control Systems

to staff.  It is the first NFPA standard to be translated into Polish and

was selected because it is a document used frequently in Poland. NFPA 204, Standard for Smoke and Heat Venting

is the next NFPA standard slated for Polish translation. 

Visit SFPE’s Poland
Chapter website
to learn more about the translated version of NFPA 92.