Arizona fire department bills homeowner $20,000 for fighting fire at his home

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Nov 13, 2013

by NFPA's Ken Willette

Ever wonder what it actually costs to fight a fire?If you had to pay for fire and emergency services like you do for electricity, pay for actual use/consumption, how much would it cost?

There are some American Fire Departments that operate that way, they offer you a pre payment plan,(a subscription), that guarantees a specified level of service and response. There are also departments that will bill you for services if you live in an area with no organized fire department,(often called unincorporated areas). They will bill you for actual services rendered, and often, are not the closest fire department, but one that has the ability to respond.

Watch this news report and see what one Arizona homeowner found was the cost to fight a fire at his home in an unincorporated area: