The top ten costliest U.S. fires of 2012 listed in NFPA Journal

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An aerial view of some of the destruction caused by the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado. The fire was the costliest of 2012, resulting in $453.7 million in property damage. (Photo: AP/Wide World)

Catastrophic wildfires in Colorado and a naval submarine fire were some of the costliest incidents in 2012 that resulted in more than $1.2 billion of direct property damage.


NFPA Journal highlights the details of these and other fires in the latest issue. The costliest fire last year, for example, was Colorado's Waldo Canyon Fire, which scorched more than 18,000 acres and burned 346 structures. These figures and incidents were taken from NFPA's report, "Large-Loss Fires in the United States in 2012."


Learn more about these incidents, including some lessons learned, by reading the report summary in +Journal.+ Looking for a comprehensive list of last year&#39;s large-loss fires? Get it here.</p>