Revving up: Additions to NFPA's electric vehicle emergency-response training underscored in NFPA Journal

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Nov 20, 2013

Tesla Model SRoadway fires involving the Tesla Model S--a high-performance, all-electric car with a base price of around $70,000--have been making headlines in recent months. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has initiated a safety investigation on the fiery incidents, which all seem to involve the car's battery compartment being compromised after hitting roadway debris.

Tesla is among the many car manufacturers that have supplied NFPA with specific instructions on how to handle electric and hybrid vehicles in an emergency. The information is a component of NFPA's Electric Vehicle Safety Training Project. NFPA Journal recently highlighted new additions to the project that are on its way, including guidance for electric and hybrid-electric trucks, buses, taxis, and fuel cell cars.

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