Occupational Health & Safety article highlights advances in flame-resistant protective apparel

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Not long ago, workers in the oil and gas, steel, and electrical industries had few, if any, preferred options with flame-resistant protective apparel. In an article, "Covering All the Bases" which first appeared in the December 2013 issue of Occupational Health & Safety, author Jay Skie says thanks to the actions of several organizations -- including the National Fire Protection Association, OSHA, and ASTM International -- workers exposed to flammable hazards can select from a variety of protective apparel to help reduce the likelihood and severity of injury during an accident. He says in recent years, many individuals have credited FR shirts, pants, and other garments with saving their lives.

In the article, Mr. Skie illustrates three ways that protective apparel has evolved to provide organizations and employees with improved protection, comfort, and peace of mind. Some of the NFPA documents he cites are:

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