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Southern California has seen fire season start early with large wildfires consuming tremendous amounts of acreage. Temperatures have been in the triple digits and humidity is at an all-time high, similar to the conditions found in Arizona during the Yarnell Hill Fire, which claimed the lives of 19 firefighters. I recently took a walk through the woods near my house and found that the forests are in bad shape. The duff (vegetation on the forest floor), which usually has some moisture in it this time of year, is bone dry.


Photo 1
Duff in Cleveland National Forest, San Diego, CA.

Conditions, conditions, conditions
All three recent fires in California and Arizona - the Yarnell Hill Fire, the Chariot Fire and Mountain Fire - have shared similar weather conditions that have contributed to large scale devastation. The impact from triple digit temperatures, shifting wind conditions and low humidity has created dangerous situations for residents, first responders and firefighters alike. For those of us in the country’s southwest region, this has meant a very difficult fire season.

Read this post by NFPA Regional Firewise Advisor Faith Berry.

Fire truck arcadeby NFPA's April Briggs

We are experiencing a heat wave here in New England.  Being from the south, I am accustomed to the hot and humid summer days, however, I still am not a big fan of them.  I remember when I was a kid, if we weren’t in a pool somewhere or boogie boarding the waves at the beach, you might have found us inside during the hottest hours of the day.

When it is 100 degrees outside it can be tough to think of activities to keep kids busy while they are inside. has several fun activities and games.  One of my favorites is “Put Out the Fire” arcade game.  This game is sure to keep them busy for awhile. 

Check out all of the fun activities and games on and let us know which one is your favorite.  

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With the summer season in full gear, wildfires are spreading rapidly. Our feature about reaching into your Firewise Toolkit in the summer issue of the Firewise “How To” Newsletter focuses on prepping your home or summer residence. This article gives great tips on how to take certain precautions for preparation in an event of a wildfire. We list simple action steps you can take now and throughout the year to reduce the risk of your home and property of becoming fuel for a wildfire. The work you do in preparation can make a huge difference. To see these tips, check out our issue!


by NFPA&#39;s Juliette Callahan</p>

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