Truck fire extinguished with...beer?

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jan 10, 2014
Credit: Facebook

Capt. Craig Moreau has gained national attention this week after using some ingenuity--and some carbonated goodness--in response to a roadway fire.

According to NBC News, the Houston firefighter was traversing a Texas highway with his wife when he noticed smoke emitting from the brakes of an 18 wheeler. He got the driver to pull over and began dousing the flames with a mini fire extinguisher. When that didn't work, Moreau used the truck's cargo--cases of Coors beer--to fight the flames.
"I shook them up and popped a top one at a time until the fire was out and the brakes were cool," Moreau wrote on his Facebook page. "Thankfully, they were tallboys." Though alcoholic, beer is mostly water.
Houston Fire Chief Terry Garrison OK'd Moreau's actions in a statement. "I support the extinguishment of fire, no matter the cost," he said.
Moreau's old and new Facebook fans are also commending him on his quick thinking. "Great job Captain Craig. Nothing as resourceful as a firefighter," stated one of his fans. "The world's smallest fire extinguisher fits in the palm of your hand and can quench more than just a raging inferno."
Review NFPA's statistics on truck and other vehicular fires. And if you don't have Moreau at your side while driving, keep these safety tips in mind.