New England Conservatory turns tragic Triangle Shirtwaist Fire into a play

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jan 13, 2014

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
For those readers living near Boston, you might want to check out a performance at the New England Conservatory this week highlighting the Triangle Waist Co. Fire. Nearly 150 workers were killed and scores more were injured from a fire at the New York City factory in 1911. It has remained the deadliest accidental industrial fire in U.S. history.

The free, multimedia play, titled Triangle, uses puppetry and music to tell the story of the fire, which sparked sweeping workplace reforms and safety measures, including the development of NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code®. As described on the conservatory's website, "Triangle doesn’t simply dramatize the fire as a lamentable tragedy, a critical event in U.S. labor history now safely contained by the passage of time and workplace safety laws. Rather, the play also seeks to remind us of where we see (or don’t see) similar events today. Somewhere these Triangle women are still trapped—just as hundreds of garment workers have been in recent fires and building collapses in Bangladesh."

Check out the NFPA Journal feature story on the centennial of the Triangle fire, and watch the video of NFPA president James Shannon talking about NFPA's response to the fire: