Educational video reiterates importance of community-wide mitigation

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jan 22, 2014

Black Forest Video snippet - Jan 2014

Soon after the June 2013 Black Forest Fire (the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history) took two lives, destroyed 486 homes and burned more than 14,000 acres of ponderosa pine forest, area stakeholders began work on a collaborative visual learning tool for residents in their combined jurisdictions.  The video’s objective was to visually communicate the need for increased and continuous wildfire mitigation that reduces the risk from future fires.

The immense power and importance of community-wide mitigation is highlighted and reiterated throughout the thirteen minute video "Protecting Our Homes, Our Firefighters and Our Forests." Firefighters, homeowners and wildfire risk reduction advocates provide moving testimonials and success stories that will resonate with WUI residents everywhere. The video will be used by fire departments in the Black Forest and surrounding areas to educate and motivate residents about the importance of proactive mitigation in making the places where they live safer for both residents and responding firefighters; along with the benefits and value it provides as a means for preserving a wildland-urban lifestyle, the environment and their financial investment.

This video has relevancy for everyone that lives in an area with a wildfire risk and provides vivid examples that reinforce the importance and need for community members at all levels to work together in reducing their risk.  The video is short and impactful and makes an excellent addition to presentations from fire departments, homeowner associations,  insurance companies and elected officials.