A look at fires around the country from NFPA Journal

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jan 24, 2014

C47F319C132C45E3A968F2AAB5EC1DB4A 38-year-old woman, her 9-year-old daughter, and her 7-year-old son died in a fire that began in the first-floor living room of their single-family house. Although the father was overcome by smoke, he survived.

A neighbor called 911 at 2:22 a.m., and firefighters arriving four minutes later rescued the father near the front door. They found his son several minutes later near the back door. After crews  extinguished the remaining fire, they found the woman and her daughter on the first floor.

Investigators determined the fire started on a sofa bed in the living room where the woman and her daughter were sleeping. The father and son, who were asleep on the second floor, awoke and came downstairs, where they were overcome by the smoke and heat. Investigators could not determine the fire’s heat source.

For more information on this and other fires, read "Firewatch" in the January/February issue of NFPA Journal.