NFPA 601 and NFPA 1407 issued by the Standards Council as consent standards

Blog Post created by debbiebaio Employee on Jan 24, 2014

In accordance with of the Regulations Governing the Development of NFPA Standards (Regs.) if no public comment is received, the Technical Committee shall determine by a ballot, supported by at least a majority vote, whether to hold a meeting to consider the development of Second Revisions for the Second Draft.  If it is determined that no meeting shall be held, or if a meeting, having been held, results in no Second Revisions, the NFPA Standard shall be considered a consent standard.  A notice of that fact shall be published, and the Standard shall be forwarded directly to the Standards Council for action in accordance with Section 4.7 (see also 

NFPA 601, Standard for Security Services in Fire Loss Prevention, and NFPA 1407, Standard for Fire Service Rapid Intervention Crews, did not receive any public comments, and the Technical Committees have determined there was no need for Second Revision meetings, therefore, the Standards Council issuance date for NFPA 601 and NFPA 1407 is January 14, 2014 with an effective date of February 3, 2014.