View from the inside: 1710 TC member shares his experience....

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jan 31, 2014

NFPA 1710Jim Silvernail, a member of the NFPA 1710 technical committee, posted an article on Fire Engineering sharing  his experience as a TC member and explaining how he has taken his knowledge of 1710 and developed a text to assist departments in asessing their staffing levels against safety and efficiency. Jims article provides an insiders view, but recoginizes the real world application of 1710.

NFPA and the Technical Committee acknowledge 1710 provides perfomance metrics agencies can measure themselves against as well as recommended staffing levels. While achieving the staffing levels may not be possible, measuring perfomance is, and that information can inform communities about the level of risk they are accepting, on a personal and municipal level. In turn, budgetary decisions can be made with consideration of risk management, for the residents and fire fighters. Plans to reduce the risk can also be developed, costed, and presented for consideration.

Yes, NFPA 1710 does provide staffing recommendations, but it is much more then that. A tip of the helmet to Jim and all the members of 1710 for their work and dedication!

 Here is Jim's article; Am I a 1710 hypcrite?