Police carry drug to reverse heroin overdoses

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Feb 4, 2014

The death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman has highlighted the availability of heroin and tragic outcomes resulting from addiction. Not even Vermont is immune from this crisis, having one of the highest per capita rates of heroin use in the nation, with thousands in treatment or in need of treatment. PD Narcan Spray

The Quincy MA, Police Department (which also happens to be where NFPA is located), has pioneered a way for police officers, who often are first on scene of an overdose emergency, to adminsiter Narcan, a drug that immediately reverses the respiratory depression caused by an opiate overdose, such as heroin. In the three years QPD has deployed Narcan, it has been used 221 times and reversed 211 overdoses.

Today, more police and first responder agencies are carrying Narcan and using it succesfully. Just another example of how first responders adapt to the needs of their communities and save lives!

Read about how  Quincy Police Use Narcan to Save Lives .

Do you know of any first responder agencies deploying Narcan? Post their name here so they can be recoginized for their life saving efforts.

A tip of the helmet to the Quincy PD!