9 Buenos Aires Responders Die in Wall Collapse

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Feb 6, 2014

The news of 9 firefighters from the Buenos Aires, Argentina Fire Department losing their live after a wall collapse during a fire at a data storage facility is tragic and our condolences to the families of the fallen, Chief Carlos Ferlise and all the members of the BAFD.

We have seen our share of similiar fires and 
Buenos aires collapsetragic outcomes here in the states. Here is a 
 a partial list of such events:

Worcester, MA Cold Storage 1999 6 FF killed in storage building (lost/trapped)

Charleston, SC Super Sofa Store June 18, 2007 9 FF killed in furniture store with storage (overrun by rapid fire spread)


 Philadelphia, PA April, 2012 2 FF killed in wall collapse at large factory complex

Breckenridge, PA, 1991 4 FF killed in floor collapse at furniture factory (NFPA Report)

Chicago, IL 2011 2 FF killed in wall collapse at vacant building

NY City, NY June, 2001 3 FF killed in explosion and wall collapse in hardware store

Houston, TX July, 2013 4 FF killed in wall/roof collapse in hotel/restaurant.  

NY City, August 1978 6 FF killed in roof collapse of supermarket

NY City Oct 17, 1966 12 FF killed in floor collapse of mixed use building

Boston, MA November 15, 1942 6 FF killed in restaurant building collapse 

Boston, MA June 17, 1972 9 FF Killed in floor/wall collapse of hotel under renovation

This reinforces that fire treats all responders equally, and our international brothers and sisters face the same risks as we do in the USA.

 See fireground video and more information on this incident here.