Who Broke The Cookie Cutter?

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Feb 10, 2014

If you are following the buzz around the latest Undrwriters Lab (UL)  and National Institute of Standards  and Technology (NIST) research on fire suppression techniques, including transitional fire attack (starting outside then move in) and controling ventilation flow points, including the primary ingress door to a burning structure, you know not all firefighters are buying into the new research.
Strucutre fire
Capt. Dave Lablanc has a blog, The Backstep Firefighter , and he posted Don't Look Now But Someone Broke the Cookie Cutter , a pretty honest asessment of what I think many out there in the land of response are thinking.

Here's one of his thoughts:

What the UL/NIST studies have shown is that there is no silver bullet, no one thing you can change. The studies show that more than ever we need to look at and interpret what we are seeing. We need to think. We need to fight the fire in front of us, based on what we see, what we know and what we can do. The studies have shown more than ever that there is no one size fits all answer, no cookie cutter solution to today’s fire problem. Capt. Dave Leblanc

Check Capt. Dave's posting out, it's an interesting read.