Research Foundation hosts workshop on “smart' buildings and fire safety

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Mar 5, 2014

There’s no doubt that the enormous amount of available data in our increasingly sensor-rich environment is changing how we live and work. But how does all of this data – and how it is shared and integrated – relate to the fire safety community and “smart” buildings?

A special workshop at the Fire Protection Research Foundation symposium in Orlando is looking at smart buildings and fire safety, and their implications for building owners, occupants, emergency responders, and other players in the built environment.

The goals of this workshop are to help clarify a baseline understanding of smart buildings, identify current and proposed methods and approaches for gathering data, and processing and using that data.

Kris Overholt of NIST with Casey Grant, Research Director of the Fire Protection Research Foundation

Kris Overholt of NIST provided an overview of a new year-long project designed to develop a roadmap for the smart “firefighter of the future”, which would include integrating the creation, storage, exchange, and analysis of data.

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During breakout sessions, attendees considered several aspects of the issue of smart buildings, including how to determine the needs of key target audiences, the challenges of data collection, knowledge gaps, and priority-setting.

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