Storage protection using horizontal barriers and in-rack sprinklers

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Tom Multer of The Reliable Sprinkler Automatic Sprinkler Co. presented at the Research Foundation's SUPDET in Orlando.

The protection challenges for storage commodities have increased with the storage of more plastics, whether cartooned or uncartoned, expanded or unexpanded. The building heights have also increased, particularly with the use of high bay storage using automated storage and retrieval systems.


In his presentation at the Fire Protection Research Foundation symposium being held this week in Orlando, Thomas Multer of The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co, Inc., described a series of fire tests using horizontal barriers and large k factor extended coverage storage sprinklers as in-rack protection. The goals of these tests included reducing the number of in-rack sprinklers required, reducing water demands, protecting buildings higher than 48’ with low water demands, and retrofitting existing facilities without changing the existing ceiling sprinklers or increasing water flows or pressures.


Read an abstract of Mr. Multer’s presentation.



See the Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Protection of Rack Stored Exposed Expanded Group A Plastics with ESFR Sprinklers and Vertical Barriers (Final test)"</li> </ul>