New EV mobile app for 1st responders

Blog Post created by seanryan Employee on Mar 13, 2014

Twenty years ago 1st responders used lessons learned from days of training to perform on scene. Today, the job of a first responder requires a whole new toolkit when you arrive on scene of a motor vehicle incident. Hybrid and electric vehicles present a different and sometimes dangerous challenge to the fire service, law enforcement and the tow/salvage industry.

EV App

Automomobile manufacturers create more and more versions of electric/hybrid vehicles each year and each model presents a different layout of batteries and cables that can be hazardous unless you know where to find the safe points to cut during an extrication. In a field where minutes can mean the difference between life and death, having the right tool on hand is vital.

A new mobile app has been released by NFPA to help 1st responders---the NFPA EV Guide. Access interactive diagrams of EV/hybrid vehicles "on scene" with this new mobile app from NFPA and Moditech. The National Fire Protection Association presents the NFPA EV Guide—your portable app used for electric and hybrid vehicle incidents involving damaged high voltage batteries, battery fires, extrication challenges, submersion, and charging stations. This vital app features 32 new vehicles and updated technical data reviewed by auto manufacturers.

“Today, with the advanced technology appearing on our roadways, first responders require new tools at the scene of an incident. This APP for smart phones and tablets provides vital information about possible dangers firefighters can encounter with electric and hybrid vehicles.  It provides procedures for disabling the power in each vehicle, and shows where to cut safely if extrication is necessary.  Tools like this will play an increasingly important role in keeping first responders safe.” -Andrew Klock, NFPA

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