NFPA Journal discusses the safety threat in lengthening code-development cycles

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Mar 21, 2014

E2EFD616B75C44778E71E8B7DEB16EC1.ashxHere we go again. In a repeat of last year, says Don Bliss, NFPA vice-president of Regional Operations, some state legislatures are considering bills that would limit code-adoption and -revision cycles to a minimum of every six years. Proponents argue that the existing code cycles create unnecessary costs for home builders and consumers. They also say that a six-year cycle would reduce the cost of code update training for inspectors, design professionals, and facility operators.

Opponents of the six-year cycle argue that it will delay the inclusion in the codes of many new scientific research findings and that “skipping” an edition could preclude the opportunity to take advantage of a host of important changes.Failing to adopt the latest code could also create risks for first responders dealing with the risks posed by new technology.

For more on this topic, read Don's column "Safety Threat" in the March/April issue of NFPA Journal.