Dr. John R. Hall, Jr. is retiring from NFPA

Blog Post created by nancyschwartz Employee on Mar 25, 2014

John Hall as SpockAfter three decades of leading NFPA’s Fire Analysis and Research Division, Dr. John R. Hall, Jr. is retiring from NFPA on April 30. 

I have worked with John for over 20 years but I still learned some new things about John through a few questions I recently posed to him. 

For instance, I knew that John came to NFPA from the National Bureau of Standards but I didn’t know that John had also worked at the United States Fire Administration (USFA) during the early years of the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS).  It was John’s work using NFIRS that caught the eye of NFPA.  NFPA was looking for someone to provide statistical support to the technical committees and John was the man.

One of John’s first accomplishments was creating NFPA’s One-Stop Data Shop.  John’s vision for the One-Stop Data Shop was to use it as a vehicle to get NFPA recognized as the national #1 source for fire statistics.  It is through the dozens of reports, many authored by John, and the ability to do custom work that the One-Stop Data Shop is now a go-to source for fire statistics.

It is impossible for me to name all that John has done or even begin to measure the impact that John has made in the risk management and fire statistical world.   Some of John’s proudest accomplishments are building consensus on good fire statistics by co-authoring a peer-reviewed article on the national estimates methodology; building analysis capability at NFPA; connecting to models and serving customers.  It is through these accomplishments that John has contributed to something he believes in “making people safer and making more people safe.”

When I asked John about his retirement plans he said “I am going to do lots of stuff around my home and around my town.”  John also wants to stay in touch with his friends at NFPA and will be rooting for NFPA’s success. 

We all wish John a happy & healthy retirement and thank him for all his hard work!  Congratulate John on his retirement by sending him an email