NFPA, the Fire Protection Research Foundation and the insurance industry launch "Contain IBC Fire Risk" campaign

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Apr 9, 2014

IBCNFPA knows that education and awareness are important tools for fire prevention. To promote this mission, NFPA, the Fire Protection Research Foundation and the insurance industry recently launched the “Contain IBC Fire Risk” campaign to educate the fire service and industry about the serious yet often overlooked risk created when combustible or flammable fluids are improperly stored in Intermediate Bulk Containers.

As part of this effort, NFPA and campaign partners created an educational video to show how this risk can result in hazardous pool fires and encourage proper storage of flammable and combustible liquids. NFPA interviewed representatives from the Waxahachie Fire Rescue squad about their experience with a devastating Chemical Plant fire in 2011. In this instance, the improper storage of IBCs contributed to the spread of a catastrophic fire.

“The IBCs … as one would rupture [from the fire], it would get in front of the next one and weaken it – also causing it to rupture. It was a chain reaction of fluid running toward us.” --- Randall Potter, Assistant Chief, Waxahachie Fire Rescue


As this video shows, pool fires, if not contained, are catastrophic events that can endanger the lives of warehouse personnel and firefighters. Contain IBC Fire Risk intends to correct improper storage of combustible and flammable liquids in IBCs by encouraging compliance with NFPA 30 rules published by NFPA. This code governs storage, handling and use of flammable and combustible liquids, and is law in many states.

You can learn more about this campaign through our IBC website