NFPA Conference to feature case study on the Boston Marathon emergency response

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The featured presentation on Tuesday, June 10 is entitled, "The 2013 Boston Marathon: How the Multi-Discipline, Multi-Jurisdiction Approach to Planning for the Marathon Affected the Response to, and Recovery from, the Bombings."

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Kurt Schwartz




Pictured at the podium is Kurt Schwartz, Undersecretary, Homeland Security & Emergency Management; Director, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security.

Kurt Schwartz will review the local, regional, and state planning process for the 2013 Boston Marathon and discuss the multi-discipline, multi-jurisdiction response to the bombings and the intense manhunt several days later that resulted in the death of one suspected terrorist and the capture of the other. This session will highlight planning challenges, lessons learned, and best practices of the response to and recovery from the attack. Pictured below is the multi-agency coordination center.

CoordinationcenterCONFERENCE PROGRAM

You may be interested in a related session (scheduled for Monday, June 9) entitled, "A Mile from the Finish Line: When the Hospital Closest to the Boston Marathon Explosions has to Evacuate Its Emergency Department." 

The Conference program has 25 case studies and more than 150 sessions overall. To navigate the program, there are 13 tracks and a new online session search tool that allows you to search sessions, speakers, tracks, and keywords for the Conference. 

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