New ESPN program, "Hillsborough," recounts Britain's worst sporting disaster in history

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Apr 15, 2014

HillsboroughOn April 15, 1989, 96 people died and hundreds were injured at Hillsborough Stadium in Britain's worst sporting disaster. Award-winning producer/director Daniel Gordon directed a new ESPN program, "Hillsborough" that lets viewers see the tragedy through the eyes of those there that day, many of whom spoke publicly for the first time. The program's overview can be seen below:

"Hillsborough" is a comprehensive account of the Hillsborough Stadium disaster, a tragedy that occurred during an FA Cup semifinal soccer match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England. The film focuses on the events that unfolded before, during and after the horrifying afternoon that led to the deaths of 96 people as well as the injuries to several hundred more and the traumatization of countless lives.

Beginning on the fateful day in 1989, "Hillsborough" explores what happened and why. It offers a detailed examination not only of the horrific loss of life but also of key developments in the preceding years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes leading to the disaster. Featuring first-hand accounts of fans in attendance as well as police officers -- many speaking on camera for the first time -- the film also explores the tragedy through the experiences of families who lost their loved ones and undertook a painstaking journey in a quest for justice that is still ongoing.

HIllsborough airs tonight at 8pm ET on ESPN. 

For more information, you can also take a look at our Fire Protection Research Foundation report, "A Literature Review of Emergency and Non-Emergency Events” in which the Hillsborough tragedy is featured as a case study.