Child uses his savings to buy smoke alarms

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Apr 28, 2014

SMOKE ALARM BOYNine-year-old Hector Montoya, of Texas, really wanted a Playstation 4. He’d been saving up for months to purchase his dream toy. But then he saw a sad story on the news. A mother and daughter in a nearby town died in a fire. Officials say the home didn’t have a smoke alarm.

CNN quotes Hector as saying, “Saving a life is more important.”

The child, pictured in this photo from CNN, took all of his cash and bought nearly 100 smoke alarms and with the help of the local fire department, installed them for older adults and others who needed them.

Hector’s example has made national and international headlines, highlighting for people around the world young and old the importance of smoke alarms.

NFPA’s smoke alarm safety information, safety tips sheet and Sparky School House fire safety music videos, featuring some of the most popular kids’ bands  around are great tools for reminding everyone how to stay safe.

by NFPA's Lisa Braxton