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In the early evening hours on May 11, 1984, a rapidly spreading fire destroyed the "Haunted Castle" Haunted Castleamusement facility at the 200-acre Six Flags Great Adventure Park in Jackson Township, New Jersey, approximately 50 mile south of New York City.  At the time of the fire, there were an estimated 28-34 visitors and three employees in the Haunted Castle.  Eight of the visitors, unable to immediately exit the structure, died in the fire.

The one-story structure was comprised of 17 commercial trailers with approximate dimensions of 8 feet high by 8 feet wide and 40 feet long.  The trailers were connected together by means of plywood and wood framing.  The front facade of the structure consisted of a wall approximately 35 feet high by 109 feet long with three smaller portions that projected into the park area.

The interior of the Haunted Castle was constructed of plywood partitions which created a convoluted path of travel approximately 450 feet in length.  Materials used for the interior of the Haunted Castle included synthetic foam, various fabrics and plastics, plywood, and tar paper.

For more information on this NFPA's Full Fire Investigation report.  Go to NFPA Journal May/June 2014 Article Haunted by Fire.

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