Firefighters save poodle from burning apartment

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on May 14, 2014

Poodle save
Everyone loves a firefighter rescue story that ends happily, and we especially love this one that involves rescuing a dog. Firefighters with the Indianapolis Fire Department responsed to an apartment fire a couple of days ago. Someone originally reported that somebody was trapped inside. As it turned out, everyone had escaped safely, however during the search effort, a firefighter came across a 6 year old poodle that was barely conscious. 

The poodle was brought outside where paramedics administered oxygen and fluids through an IV. Within twenty minutes, the dog was moving and taken to a nearby animal hospital. IFD said the Project Breathe Mask they used with this dog, has been used by IFD since 2010 when Invisible Fence donated one to each IFD apparatus. The specialized mask is designed to specifically fit the snout of an animal.

We are glad this story has a happy ending thanks to the first responders on the scene!